SVI Seminar Series

Posted: 01st February 2022

SVI regularly hosts seminars from internal and external researchers, from a variety of research backgrounds.

These seminars are targeted at scientists and tertiary students in related fields; no RSVP is required.

The seminars normally take place on Tuesdays from 12pm - 1pm, and are usually presented via Zoom and in person; however, sometimes they can only be presented only via Zoom due to speaker location or COVID-19 restrictions.

Where permission is provided by speakers, the seminars are recorded and available via our YouTube page.

Our next seminar is Tuesday 9 August at 12pm and the speaker is Professor Ryan Lister.

Title: 'Reprogramming and editing the epigenome'

Cell differentiation and reprogramming involve major reconfiguration of the epigenome, which is critical for the transformation of cellular identity and function. However, failure to correctly reshape epigenome states during these processes can lead to undesired cellular dysfunction. In this presentation, I will discuss our work exploring the nature and consequences of epigenetic memory during cell identity reconfiguration, and new approaches to circumvent these challenges. Furthermore, I will describe our recent developments in targeted epigenome editing tools that are providing new insights into the role of covalent genome modifications in regulating gene expression, and new platforms for the manipulation of cell activity and identity.

About the speaker:

Ryan Lister leads a research group investigating the epigenome and cell identity, at the University of Western Australia and the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research. After receiving his PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Western Australia in 2005, Ryan undertook postdoctoral studies at The Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California, USA, where he developed and applied new genomics techniques to map the epigenome and transcriptome. Having returned to the University of Western Australia in 2012, Ryan’s laboratory is focused upon understanding the role of the epigenome in regulating cell identity, and developing molecular tools to manipulate the epigenome and gene activity to control cell functions.

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